Perfumery / SALE! Toilet water, perfume Joop! - Splash For Men, 115мл

SALE! Toilet water, perfume Joop! - Splash For Men, 115мл. : IXI27507

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: Joop!
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Joop! From Splash Summer Ticket Joop! is a mens fragrance that we first met in 2012. The composition belongs to the group of wood, the sub-group of water fragrances. The aroma is suitable for young spirit men who lead an active lifestyle. Their health and beauty will be emphasized effectively with this perfume. This will allow to take the place of the main female seducer. The perfume is a summer fragrance, refreshing and invigorating. Composition Joop! From Splash Summer Ticket Joop! includes such top notes as coriander and lemon. Notes of the heart enclosed in the leaves of violet and marine notes. Base notes are incense and cedar.

SALE! Toilet water, perfume Joop! - Splash For Men, 115мл. : IXI27507
SALE! Toilet water, perfume Joop! - Splash For Men, 115мл
47 USD
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→ Hello, return the item to the return address on the warehouse for new mail, we will refund the full amount for the goods. The description and photo of the product necessarily change, it just happens. Please accept our apologies.

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