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United cock ring COCKRING
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Pouch white for sex toys
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Attachments and penis rings are some of the most popular and sought after intimate toys. With the help of nozzles is able not only to increase the size of a mans penis, but also to deliver extra pleasure and stimulation to your partner with additional short moustaches and pimples. There are also nozzles with vibration that enthralls both partners and raises sex life to a new level. Such intimate products you need after each use clean and disinfect with antiseptic. It is also necessary to properly store such products and to remove the batteries during non-use. The tip and ring with vibration bring diversity and new thrill in the sexual life of couples. Купить в магазине Nozzles and rings, Эрекционные кольца, Насадки на пенис по поисковым запросам: эрекционное кольцо, эрекция проблема, на пенис, для мужчин, вибрационное кольцо, насадка на пенис с усиками, профилактика простаты.


Анатолій: Thank you! great product fast shipping.

Серги: Great extender at a great price, thank you very much, once You have found the right product.

Стас: Made the order 08.04, the next day received a parcel in the Department of New Mail. Quality product, prompt delivery. Thank you.
→ Mutually.

Марина: Got the jumpsuit, the model and the quality is good, very prompt delivery but the size is not S/M, I just drowned. I was very upset.(((
→ Hello, perhaps You accidentally ordered the corset in a large size Q and not S/M.

Секу: Classy sex shop.
→ Thank you :)

Brooch - Golden butterfly
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SALE! Toilet water, perfume Azzaro - Jolie Rose 80ml
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Black chiffon dress one shoulder
78 USD
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Green dress with shimmering sequins
104 USD
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41 USD
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Metal open bangle with flowers
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Size matters pen assistant
74 USD
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Bracelet Charm
10 USD
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102 USD
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94 USD
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105 USD
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150 USD
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293 USD
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