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Олександр: Hello! Please charge me a bonus for order # 79782 (90 points) on this account (at the time of purchase account was not registered, an order was issued to this mailbox)
→ You need to register on our website, after registering on the website, the system automatically within 48 hours I will add all your previously issued orders in Your account

Ігор: Order No. 23034 made on 5 November 2010. It is now November 15. Where is my order?
→ Your order was shipped, the package should already be waiting for You at the post office.

Оксана: The first time used the services of your shop, tell me, please, yesterday when I generate the order and this morning the order status all 3 positions were in stock today after order confirmation, the order status shows that only one position is available , the other under the order. This means that there will be 3 items in one package or just one item and pay for 3 ,then the rest will chamber the next round without paying for shipping? Or your answer?
→ Hello! Please specify the order number.

Елла: it looks just like the picture? if I have a size S would not he on me hanging? __
→ One size - fits perfectly on the figure S and M. the Picture of this product.

Пітер: Good evening, made payment for order # 115028 on 230UAh
→ Hello, payment received. Order will be shipped tomorrow.

Марина: Is in stock? If not - when will they come?
→ Not available, will be within 10 days.

Катерина: I like to order from such a sexy girl - courier, it has to continue to order from you! The rest - everything is OK, too! Quickly. Without surprises!
→ Thank You for Your feedback and Your interest in our store. We will continue to delight You with a pleasant service.

Яна: I would like to know, strap on DEL274 empty inside?
→ Not on the inside of the hole.

Наташа: Thank you! The suit came quickly. Husband happy)))

Андрій: Tell me what is the difference drops Love-drops from the Drop-sex?(except prices of course) and which ones are faster?
→ In principle, anything a little different in different organisms they function better or worse.

Растаман: Ordered a swimsuit and a collar. Got it. My bitch is happy.

tegusi: the ball is not silicone, and plastic
→ Thanks for the info.Description corrected.


Олег: Administrators www.ixi.kiev.ua recommend to move to the modern system of ONLINE payment with a plastic card or on R/C. shipping transport companies.__Archaic post office (shipping 4-7 days) almost nobody uses. Therefore for 2 reasons cant make an order in your store.
→ Thank you for your attention to our service, automation of payment through plastic cards already in the process of connecting and working with other companies we have long had in mind, I think very soon we will become even more convenient for our customers.

Оксана: photo from behind
→ Image only those represented on the website, additional pictures.

Григорій: where can I buy a cream and after applying it how much effect it sohranyaetsya
→ Virtually all drugs of this segment give a permanent result. Recommend Penimax and Penisxl.

Дільфуза: Hello, my name is Dilfuza, I ordered the product... you called me waiting for the e-mail hasnt come yet

Нен: Hello! I bought a swimsuit from you and unfortunately he does not come,is it possible to exchange??

Андрій: Hello.Why in the description of the item was free shipping, and the post office told me you 21РіСЂРЅ.Whats the matter?
→ Hello, most likely operator error New Mail, the shipping fee all items paid by our company.

Артем: Good evening. Please tell me: discount on sex dolls with IXI48424 article connected with damage, shortages? It is new or a floor model? Product interested... please Send more detailed pictures of this product, including intimate areas. Thank you
→ Hello, this position was at the two-day exposition, as at 5 of 5, there is minor damage on the heels, not return to use was. Detailed video about this doll https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2lBO4e4Ito

Олександр: By order No. 115600 made the payment. Payer Barker Alexander
→ payment received

Діма: where lightning walk?
→ Lightning to the crotch.

Аліна: all came up, I liked it!

Марина : Sent money for order # 70990 in the amount of 2,200 rubles on February 22 when the order will be shipped?
→ The payment is confirmed. Today ship Your order.

Анастасія: Hello. Lost your discount card. Is there a way to restore it?
→ The number of Your discount card ****.

Скоро лето!
SALE! Summer sundress in a bold print.
30 USD
в наличии
Set of necklace and earrings - Sunflowers
14 USD
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SALE! Female boxers
14 USD
в наличии
SALE! Vinyl decal - Love, heart of hearts
в наличии
Charming earrings with stones
в наличии
Black dress with white polka dots with a red belt strapless
57 USD
в наличии
SALE! Vinyl decal - Vases and flowers
в наличии
Bright earrings with petals
в наличии
Accessory for Halloween: fingers with black nails
в наличии
SALE! Crown carnival
в наличии
Satisfyer Multi 1 powerful stimulator purple
92 USD
в наличии
48 USD
в наличии
Horny Strapon Shorts (33 - 37 inch waist) Medium
50 USD
в наличии
Black handcuffs on a chain and fur inside Obey Me Leather Hand Cuffs
33 USD
в наличии
Sweet Treat Satisfyer Pink Clitoral Stimulator
75 USD
в наличии
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