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Вік: then how to pull???
→ the ring is worn UNTIL the erection !

Андрій: Hello, tell, its a mens belt? And thats not the thing that makes him male. It is in the kit?
→ This belt is a feminine, fixed description.

Andrey2003: Hello, tell me that there is a built-in vibrator IXI30538
→ Error in the description

Анжеліка: Tell me how long that would it come from?
→ 15-20 days after pre-order on the website.

Сергій: Put store 5 out of 5

Григорій: where can I buy a cream and after applying it how much effect it sohranyaetsya
→ Virtually all drugs of this segment give a permanent result. Recommend Penimax and Penisxl.

Назва: Please charge bonuses in order 71335 on the login Kenzo
→ Bonuses credited.

Зевс: Hello. Interested in product European Lover small (SKU: IXI47770): size(length and thickness), the country of origin.
→ Added description

Майкл: Hello. Tell me how things are going with my order number 23479? Thank you.
→ Your order has been sent New Mail. If You have not received from us the number of the Declaration please do tell us about it.

Алекс: Good afternoon. I would like to ask you to clarify all dimensions (length, diameters) of these models because on the website they are not completely. Spasibo http://www.ixi.ua/muzhskoj-poyas-vernosti/product-IXI52504/ http://www.ixi.ua/poyas-vernosti-new-lock-304/product-IXI48223/ http://www.ixi.ua/standard-size-holy-trainer-chastity-device-v2-stainless-steel-long/product-IXI51260/
→ Total length 65mm, diameter 32mm. The diameter of the ring 45mm.

Олексій: Today 1 Dec. Where is the promised bonus system?
→ Hello, the system is undergoing final testing and will be fully launched until December 10. Thank you for understanding.

Володимир: I want to advise you to the penis enlargement sell the Super Sizer creamВ® Cream, 200 ml
→ Unfortunately this product for a year not imported on the territory of Ukraine, if you tell me whos doing this, we will be very grateful.

Віталій: Why not get a free bonus for ordering 55312?
→ Bonuses are awarded after the delivery and we receive the full payment for the order.

Наталія: Set very much! It looks great! Especially nice that it has acquired for the bonuses. This bonus system really makes the purchase doubly enjoyable. Thank you!

Назва: Thank you! Get started to use.

kurt: tell me the truth. bonuses will not be exchanged for goods?
→ Hello, in September will begin work new bonus system all bonuses are saved.

СС: Large and iskrenee appreciation from all the visitors of our portal! IXI.UA one of the small popular shops womens clothing on our website. We regularly receive positive feedback with gratitude are addressed to you! And all this thanks to the large assortment, affordable prices and incomparable quality. And consumer confidence means not enough). With best wishes, an Aggregator of womens clothing.

Сергій: A super gift for your girlfriend!

Євген: I want the picture on canvas,but on their picture.is this possible? tel. t 0951050044
→ Yes, You can download it on the page http://posterok.com/load.php

Наталія: Good day! Received order IXI23798 / Elegant dress, black / 229 b wanted to return because the size did not fit.
→ dress big or Malenko?__

Ритка: Hello skinte mail ID. I would like to track the package)order number 69310
→ Expect, will soon send the tracking number.

Тетяна: Hello, I bought a bandeau top white - SKU: IXI 11897 - were terribly unhappy. First, the bottom does not match the picture on the website, the picture melting low as the hips, and in fact some leggings. Second, while receiving in the mail is not immediately seen, was not very comfortable to consider when you around a crowd of people, but when I came home, I saw the seam hole. Just a nightmare. Now I have extra money to alter the melting and repair the marriage. The first time decided to buy something on the Internet and from such a disappointment. I do not advise anyone this model.

Алла: You need a large size XXXL. View please.
→ The clothes and linen of the big sizes we have in a separate section.

SNIA: And when for is to buy something ahh...?
→ from 1 December

ХХХ: And the larger they are? Interested in DD or F size (seen at the foreign site of the same manufacturer)
→ Hello, the sizes are more but the cost due to the weight of products and cost of shipping increases significantly (

Aristocratic Bohemian earrings
75 UAH
в наличии
Cute earrings - Shaman
75 UAH
в наличии
Stylish silver necklace
305 UAH
в наличии
SALE! Love the costume of Cupid
1140 UAH
в наличии
Silver butterfly earrings
250 UAH
в наличии
SALE! Amazing jumpsuit
505 UAH
в наличии
SALE! Inframammary corset black and white
820 UAH
в наличии
Woven bracelet
45 UAH
в наличии
SALE! Blue-and-gold costume
1845 UAH
в наличии
Long silver earring
75 UAH
в наличии
50 UAH
в наличии
Fierce Euphoria Black O-Ring Gag
630 UAH
в наличии
750 UAH
в наличии
1305 UAH
в наличии
630 UAH
в наличии
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