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Андрій: Predraw a few weeks ago, among other things, I like the fact that relieves tension, and so can friends show and in the night to do a light-show, as well as develops the brushes if it to twist of endurance.

Алекс: Please charge bonuses with the order No. 71388 Login alekseyvs
→ Bonuses accrued !

Пітер: if the product of Krasniy you can order another color
→ Let the marking of goods.

Ірина: cigarette
→ Expect product availability.

Іван: Unfortunately in Your store (and other) a very small selection of belts of fidelity, and for men they do not. You could order this type of product for a specific person (if the party has not demanded)?
→ Sorry if this product would be, we would sell it.

Сергій: ooh

Майкл: This store will help me to get the ointment from gomara.For three months.

Алекс: whether the machine performs a reciprocating motion, a circular motion?
→ Reciprocating motion is the basic motion of virtually all the sex machines.

Бити: first thing to pass through a 2-rings(5 and 6cm to the base), then one (only gently) his two friends) are READY

Аноним: Received in 1 day! Like everything. Gently yaleglobal. Im happy)))

Ігор : what a long frictions
→ About 12 cm

Світлана: please tell me ixi23710 dress size S on whats your Cup size?
→ Chest - 81cm-86cm/32-34

Наталія: Hello, I would like to know do I get a discount card, if the amount of my paid orders is more than 1000 UAH? And if so, how do you get it?
→ Hello, when the next order we put a discount card.

Наталія: Please tell me the size
→ Length 10 cm, maximum diameter of 3 cm.

Марія : Hello , and tell me tovor send confidential ? That is, the mail delivery is not specified that it is seen this product ?
→ The present contents of the package is not specified when sending.

Олександр: how to specify the address of the new mail order
→ The warehouse number and the address of the branch You can specify in the note to the order.

Вікторія: and how long to wait
→ 2 weeks from date of order.

Анонімний: Say such a thing in the vagina to use.
→ If Im careful.

Андрій : where the parcel to after you order at the post office or home? thank you
→ At the post office. There and there is a payment.

Акне: I would like to know my order was sent or not. Phoned me 10 days ago and still nothing sent. Here is my order number 19660 check please.
→ Your order was sent on 11 February, if You go to the post office please do so, if You are in the office already had a possible delay UkrPoshta this is to apply again in a few days.

Оксана: order number 68709
→ You will receive all three items. Wait for a text with the number of the waybill of the parcel.

Юрій: Hello! Very disappointed in your store, ordered one, and its the devil knows what!!! As it turns out, the Manager with whom I talked, or rather she is, and who sent me the order whether blind, whether deaf whether armless, so I communicate it proved to me that her article product number matched so everything is in order, although I came a very different product???!!! And why your store does not want to take the item back or exchange it according to the law of Ukraine “On protection of consumer rights”, Ill be on You every time, I have all invoices on hand, the number of my order # 64339. Thank you for your attention.
→ Hello, please sign in ixi@ixi.ua the situation, which product You ordered and what is received, Moslem, will exchange, no problem, the Manager will be punished.

Марина: Order No. 43125, you promised me tonight but at the post office said it would be tomorrow!!!!! I apologize, but Im leaving tomorrow on a business trip and wont be able to pick up your order!!! I hope this is not povleyaet on my future orders!!!
→ Hello, the cited warning of New Mail In connection with difficult weather conditions across the territory of Ukraine of possible delay in delivery. Your parcel in the warehouse will be more than 10 days, hope You can pick it up on arrival.

Дамір : Hello, I wanted to order but do not know how please help

Володимир: I use the Andro Penis. Can say, speed up the cream from Mega Penis lengthening of the penis and in how much time?
→ Experts recommend together with extenders to use such a cream. Read more on http://www.andro-penis.in.ua.

Октоберфест 10/09-4/10
Sexy turquoise light green evening dress
60 USD
в наличии
в наличии
Crystal earrings - Elephants
в наличии
Decoration on the neck with spikes
22 USD
в наличии
SALE! Beautiful pink corset
42 USD
в наличии
Necklace with a striking pendant made of rhinestone
в наличии
SALE! Fashionable red Jumpsuit
27 USD
в наличии
14 USD
в наличии
SALE! Candid bikini set
26 USD
в наличии
Ring with leopard and rhinestones
в наличии
44 USD
в наличии
68 USD
в наличии
47 USD
в наличии
Anal Stimulator Metal G-spot Plug Large
45 USD
в наличии
54 USD
в наличии
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