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Єва: What is the total length of the dress ? Is it possible to order a size L?
→ To place an order as soon as You send an SMS message.

Борис: please pull up bonus with order 69046
→ please fill in your username?

Анастасія: The stockings included ?
→ No

сподіваюся: Order (No. 40859) made on DECEMBER 5!!! Promised to the NG to handle....gone!!! If you canT deliver - needs to CALL back to warn!!!
→ Hello, this product is expected under the order as soon as we receive shipment, we will immediately contact You.

Alexsandr: Please tell me which tools is better to use for strong and sustainable erection pills or ointment? Their name?
→ It is recommended to apply ointments, such as MIL18, and the drugs should preferably be taken after consulting a doctor.

Лілі: Hello! I did the order but I have lost the number of the Declaration. how would you know?
→ Hello, the number of the Declaration 56021000750595

Array: The figure corresponds to the item?
→ Yes, all the pictures correspond to the products submitted.

Вікторія: I registered, but now how so I enlisted my bonuses?order No. 64866
→ System within 24 hours synchronizes.

Анонімний: test ))

Анна: I made a purchase in the store and I liked the order very quickly came

Анонімний: The main skill to use it!

Міла: How to choose a perfume, you have an office?
→ There is no shop, have an office where You can pick out the desired flavor.

Анонімний: Thank you so much!! The service is super!! Operativnenko! And most importantly - confidentially - goods delivered in a bag D
→ Thank you for your confidence in our online store. I try :)

Майкл: Hello, please tell me, when was my order shipped?
→ Your order was sent on 24 Oct and have long been paid by You. If You are of a different order, please tell us the number.

Антон: What the price on this grease you have unreasonably high because the competition for 199РіСЂРЅ, but if you search and 150grn. And thats without the discount cards of 10%. Скажbте, buy from them... and so they did.
→ The recommended retail price of the manufacturer 271 UAH.

Анонімний: And how is the procedure of confirmation of order and payment through a Bank? How to know where to send the money?
→ After placing your order You can contact our Manager to confirm your order, after that You by email and SMS are sent details for payment.

Олена: Good afternoon.Interested in this dress.Wanted to buy it,but the experience of buying such dresses know that theres such a thin fabric that go in it not really as the fabric glows,almost like a nightgown...like in this dress?
→ In this model dresses tight fabric.

Віталій: what is the material of the gag (ball)?
→ Plastic.

Катерина: Hello!very happy with purchase!Great quality,dostavka very fast!I will in the future You skuplyatsya !Thank You for what You have!))))

Микола: Use the services of more than a year-all perfectly.

Анонімний: Is there a minimum order?
→ You can place an order for any bag, since the delivery we have in any case paid.

Вячеслав: How can I order!?
→ Please add the item to your cart and complete the order form.

Маша: Dress article IXI15732 to the pictures?
→ Yes, of course.

Володимир: wrong description

Гала: On site there is a size of 3-4 cm On the fact it was 2.6 cm Subjectively (no weights) - weight is much less than 300 grams.

SALE! Agent Of Love bikini Set light beige with black lace
29 USD
в наличии
35 USD
в наличии
Sexy pink long evening dress
89 USD
в наличии
SALE! Xuping fashion pendant silver
14 USD
в наличии
SALE! Summer dress with bright print
32 USD
в наличии
Colorful set of jewelry
18 USD
в наличии
Earring-clip - Dragon
10 USD
в наличии
Double ring - Dragon
в наличии
Necklace Shooter
14 USD
в наличии
SALE! Vinyl sticker - Leaves and birds
12 USD
в наличии
69 USD
в наличии
в наличии
2610 USD
в наличии
MALE Cobeco Lubricant WB (150 ml)
34 USD
в наличии
99 USD
в наличии
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