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Роман: And with postal delivery what type she has? You can design the packing so that outsiders could not understand, whats inside? And to could only I passport?
→ Naturally, we work with complete confidentiality.

Андрій: Hello.Why in the description of the item was free shipping, and the post office told me you 21РіСЂРЅ.Whats the matter?
→ Hello, most likely operator error New Mail, the shipping fee all items paid by our company.

kAThRINA: How to make payment to PrivatBank card NUMBER?
→ In case of payment to PrivatBank card no need to specify the order number as payment identification occurs by the transfer amount.

Сергій: Excellent marker, whited out all the scratches.

Наташа: and this jacket-order it?)))
→ Unfortunately no.

:): Whether you can see the effect after using one pack of PENIS XL
→ Unfortunately feedback from customers while nebylo.

Фанта: Which type of battery is used?
→ Food: 1С…РђРђ

Аноним: Hello,is it possible to return or exchange an order No. 86466, of good quality,as its small in the chest.
→ Hello, please tell us the volume of Your breast in centimeters, and volume in the breast of this kit.

Назва: The form filled out just dont delete the order

Ген: Order number 99387 paid through a private Bank. Through Postol, E. V.

Гала: On site there is a size of 3-4 cm On the fact it was 2.6 cm Subjectively (no weights) - weight is much less than 300 grams.

Юля: today I received a bathing suit..the color absolutely does not correspond to what was in the directory ..what does that mean?ordered peach came a bright orange...not the same thing.why didnt you warn.
→ Hello, please tell us Your order number.

Валентина: Not happy, was delivered in five days absolutely not what I ordered. Maybe I was just unlucky. Yes, and the promised effect is not observed.
→ Hello, before the holidays delay with Express delivery, the product delivered everything clearly what You ordered.

Олександр: Hello! Please charge me a bonus for order # 79782 (90 points) on this account (at the time of purchase account was not registered, an order was issued to this mailbox)
→ You need to register on our website, after registering on the website, the system automatically within 48 hours I will add all your previously issued orders in Your account

ми: wewe
→ Thank you for the helpful review

Сергій: Hello! Please charge me a bonus for ordering No. 77485 (4046 bonuses) on this account (at the time of purchase account was not registered, an order was issued to this mailbox)
→ Hello, at the moment, the bonus system at the stage of adaptation, once the bonuses will be credited we will notify You.

Вова: You can order anal lubricant with antiseptic Anal Lube Natural?
→ Yes, of course. This product is now in stock.

Ірина: Im 14-but the number has received an order 66413 and Paid for it,today is the 16th, and the bonus is not credited???why?
→ Hello, we have not received payment for Your order, cash on delivery we receive in 3-5 days.

Алекс: But if the field is not noted what type of delivery I send the product?! Me will call and clarify??
→ With You in any case will contact you to clarify all the data.

Ілля: Please pull up the bonuses with my order 64876. Custom 68890... happy new year! all the best to you!

Наталія: received my order ixi15550 a good swimsuit model,but color is as pictured. I order from You frequently, but with such faced for the first time, warn about such details concerning the goods. a little disappointed ((((
→ Hello, all monitors adjust the brightness, contrast and colors are completely different, and on different screens the color may appear differently.

Кентуккі: Good day! tell me all vaginalanal expanders tube for inflating the air located in the butt? is there a model for invisible wearing under clothes?
→ Hello, unfortunately all the presented models, the handset is in the end product.

Вова: Happy New Year! Everything is promptly Done.

Іра: Hello. I am interested in carnival costume Marine confedertion: IXI12253. Size: one size. I have a European size 32-34, will suit for me? Whose production? What is the material? Thank you
→ Hello. If You have a size XS it will be too big on You. Made In China.

Вікторія: Ordering 22007. Was made on the 21st number. Today the 30th! In addition to writing in the email of order acceptance and the fact that contact soon to confirm it never happened (even though he was given a phone number in my order). I wonder when is SOON? Very disappointed! Even if everything will be resolved in the coming days, I will no longer order from you...
→ Hello, the operator contacts with customers in same day, if You are not contacted You probably didnt answer or gave an incorrect phone number.

Скоро 8 марта!
Purple dress with brooch and cross straps evening
1945 UAH
в наличии
Swimsuit yellow
710 UAH
в наличии
Dress with belt
580 UAH
в наличии
Bodycon long dress with shimmering belt and open back
1815 UAH
в наличии
Charming bracelet with bow
45 UAH
в наличии
Black bikini
615 UAH
в наличии
Earring with petals
75 UAH
в наличии
Ring with leopard and rhinestones
45 UAH
в наличии
A charming set cherry
605 UAH
в наличии
Earring - gold snake
75 UAH
в наличии
Realistic Dong Flesh Mr. Suction Cup Dildo Rude 7.3
785 UAH
в наличии
Bondage for fixing a partner for sex games Night Thoughts Bondage Set Pink
1305 UAH
в наличии
Collar with leash genuine leather Red Bondage Neck Collar
810 UAH
в наличии
Vibration stimulator in womens panties Magnetic-Stay Panty Vibe Purple
1090 UAH
в наличии
1250 UAH
в наличии
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