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Олег: paying 20-12-17 23:12 article number: IXI34148 Weight: 0.4 kg Diameter: 3 cm Length: 10 cm Material: metal Colour: silver

Ольга: Good shop, but the stockings sent the wrong color, but I wanted just red.

Назва: 66854 order number

Андрій: Hello.Why in the description of the item was free shipping, and the post office told me you 21РіСЂРЅ.Whats the matter?
→ Hello, most likely operator error New Mail, the shipping fee all items paid by our company.

СС: Large and iskrenee appreciation from all the visitors of our portal! IXI.UA one of the small popular shops womens clothing on our website. We regularly receive positive feedback with gratitude are addressed to you! And all this thanks to the large assortment, affordable prices and incomparable quality. And consumer confidence means not enough). With best wishes, an Aggregator of womens clothing.

Влад: Hello what is the configuration x of the tender? what nyom maximum tensile strength ? whats Nevo max length ?as in nyom Metal rod ? and how it differs from the Extender ProExtender ?
→ Equipment as in the photo. The difference in the mounting to the penis.

Вік: What is the diameter of the ring???Malco chrome???
→ The diameter of the biggest ring is 6 cm small 5 cm Ring chrome.

ЮРРА: tell me if I filled out my name when ordering and will accept the sister - is that a problem? and yet, if I ordered a courier delivery to your door in Odessa the payment on hands to the courier is available?__
→ In the case of courier delivery, no matter who gets the goods, and in all other, strictly individual.

Оксана: order number 68709
→ You will receive all three items. Wait for a text with the number of the waybill of the parcel.

Вікторія: Im interested in whether this costume for my length , my height 175, pants should be somewhere around 105, see dancing on the high strips.Thank you
→ Hello, pants length - 95 cm

Василь: Hello!! I am very glad that so many goods I have already bought from you perfumes, adult products, lubricants and so on. but I see you have a sexy Monokini is actually no see!! why is it so??
→ Hello. Good news, we already have a Monokini, more in the LINEN.

Lihonosov Євген: Why you never sent me a perfume with pheromones that I ordered? sent Clitoris vibrator
→ Hello, please inform number of Your order and if possible, the article sent the goods. Most likely the service sending the box is messed up with the orders.

Лілі: just ordered this lot, I forgot to specify that I need a size one size!))
→ This product in one universal size - one size.

Кирило: Thank you very much for your promptness and responsibility in work!
→ Thank You for your kind review and choosing our shop.

Віталій: Order No. 112371 paid 13.05 03.05.2018 from Vitaly Pilipenko 405РіСЂРЅ

Аліна: I bought perfume oil-based and do not regret it, cheap and very pleasant smell, waiting for the result!
→ The result will not keep itself waiting

Вова: Very carefully, especially bright sexy encyclopedia-for example,I learned many new and interesting, be sure to let you read your partner))

Алекс: I received in the mail an order on November 30, January 5 received a notice of refund for your item,because apparently that was uncalled for strange citeasca it turns out.......what?
→ Hello, this is so great our email, we will write the application for compensation, thank you for the post.

Andrey2003: Hello, can I get the front IXI19553
→ added second photo

Дмитро: Twice ordered goods. Quickly. Reliable. Beautiful. Neat. Well done. Keep it up!

Ольга: Good evening,please tell me and when I will zagazig 64395 ,was still on nedelku send ,thanks in advance.__
→ Wait for a text with a number return.

Ірина: Why to remove? Cant do my normal job..
→ Hello Irina, not one opinion of our visitors has not yet been removed.

Анонімний: Thank you so much!! The service is super!! Operativnenko! And most importantly - confidentially - goods delivered in a bag D
→ Thank you for your confidence in our online store. I try :)

Марина: Please, how and where when buying to specify the desired size?
→ Hello, in comments to the order or the call Manager.

Сергій: And who is the manufacturer of the gag IXI50057 ?
→ China

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