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Schedule for the 2018 winter holidays!   24 Dec, 2017

Weekend 30, December 31,..

New means of communication Viber and WhatsApp   06 Nov, 2017

Now you can easily and quickly contact us via instant messengers Viber and WhatsApp...

Pay with Bitcoin and Ethereum   15 Sep, 2017

A new method of payment with cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Etherium, requisites of purses are available after booking...

Partnership Commission is increased to 25%   14 Jul, 2017

C August 1, 2017, the remuneration for the partner on the affiliate program and dropshipping is increased from 20 to 25%. We care about what..

100000-th order in our shop!   10 Jul, 2017

Over 12 years of experience, our company has processed 100 thousand orders, this suggests the stability and reliability of our activities. W..

Work schedule during winter holidays   30 Dec, 2016

31, 1, 2, 7, 8, 9 – weekend! On other days the service support and dispatch of orders will be made as usual. Congratulations to all of our..

Work schedule on May holidays   28 Apr, 2016

Our team sincerely congratulates You with upcoming holidays. In these festive days with the following schedule: from April 30 to may 3, 2016..

Courier delivery in Kiev!   15 Feb, 2016

Changed the delivery terms, now all of our orders in Kiev delivers Express company Novapet, shipping cost tariff for new mail from 30 UAH. (..

Change of course, higher prices   18 Jan, 2016

Today, we are forced to change currency quotes on the website which we held more than half a year, therefore the cost of most goods increase..

Mode on new year holidays   20 Dec, 2015

We work to 30 December inclusive. 31,1,2,3,7 - days, 4-6 working with, and from January 8 as usual. Congratulations to all of the holidays, ..

Free mail delivery to all countries of the CIS!   15 Sep, 2015

From September 15 to declare for the postal delivery to the countries: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Moldova and other C..

Now pay shipping on all orders   04 Jun, 2015

Ended today share free shipping to orders from 450 UAH which lasted more than 2 years. Now on the New Mail delivery paid by the recipient up..

Work schedule on may holidays!   21 Apr, 2015

Weekend 1, 2, 3, 4 - 9, 10, 11 may 2015. Congratulations to all the May holidays and wish you a pleasant weekend and good weather...

5% CAShBACK - New bonus system!   22 Feb, 2015

Finally, we re-launched the bonus system now we return 5% of each paid order, the funds You can use when making subsequent orders. Our apolo..

Another increase in the price of goods!   21 Feb, 2015

In connection with the economic and political situation in our country, naturally, more expensive imported goods and services. We try to kee..

A new payment method!   16 Feb, 2015

Added new way of payment for the order via the payment system QIWI. Payment is made via the payment terminal or by direct transfer from purs..

We accept WesternUnion   30 Jan, 2015

We have added to the list of potential charges for ordering the payment method is international money transfer WesternUnion...

Shipping to the Crimea, Lugansk, Donetsk   30 Jan, 2015

In these regions, we began to send orders to the transport company In Time. But when the full payment for the order. Shipping costs only 30 ..

Work schedule!   24 Dec, 2014

Weekend: 31, 1, 2, 4, 6, 7. All other working days. Congratulations with all winter holidays and wish you success in the New Year...

The cost of delivery for New Mail and UkrPoshta   01 Oct, 2014

Transport companies Novapet and the post office raised the rates for sending items through the territory of Ukraine, the shipping cost now i..

The cost of shipping to CIS is now 100 UAH!   30 Sep, 2014

The cost of sending orders to Russia and the CIS countries increased from UAH 50 to UAH 100. The cost is fixed and does not depend on the we..

Our page VK.COM   29 Aug, 2014

I want to remind You about our pages in social networks VK.COM. Subscribe for updates and get useful and interesting information from our st..

The minimum order is now only 50 UAH (5$)!   25 May, 2014

The minimum order amount has decreased from 90 UAH to 50 UAH for the convenience of our dear and beloved clients...

Mode for may holidays   27 Apr, 2014

1-4, 9-11 - weekend! Have a good holiday may weekend!..

Happy Easter and Christs Resurrection.   19 Apr, 2014

In connection with the bright holiday of our store 21st of April - closed!..

Cancellation of cod with postal delivery   02 Mar, 2014

We decided to stop sending parcels with cash on delivery through the mail (in Ukraine and CIS countries), in connection with the become freq..

In connection with the situation in the country and Kiev!   20 Feb, 2014

In connection with the aggravated situation in Kiev and the country as a whole, and possible stable work of our call centre and service deli..

Photo without logo IXI.UA   01 Feb, 2014

According to numerous requests from our partners and wholesale customers we have decided to remove all images of the items in our catalog wa..

Schedule to the holidays!   27 Dec, 2013

December 30 - working day! 31, January 1-2 - free days! 3-4 January - Working days! 5 Jan - day off! 6 Jan is a working day! 7 Jan - day off..

Free shipping for orders > 450 UAH   07 Nov, 2013

If You are booking value of over UAH 450 You receive free shipping and a discount card of our shop. Free shipping only on the territory of U..

The relocation of warehouse and call center from 2 to 5 October!   04 Nov, 2013

In connection with the relocation of our warehouse and call centre to new premises, from 2 to 5 October there may be delays in sending parce..

Soon Halloween!   11 Oct, 2013

Hurry up to buy carnival and festive costumes for family celebrations, parties and corporate events. All products are presented in section C..

Increase range of perfumes   11 Oct, 2013

Added about 50 new titles into the category of Womens perfumes and Mens perfumes, prices from 180 UAH. ..

The launch of stock - product of the DAY!   03 Oct, 2013

From 1 October we have been running a well thought out advertising campaign with the locomotive name - product of the DAY. Under the terms o..

New payment method - Adinacati!   28 Sep, 2013

We have released another payment method - system Adinacati, which, as Interkassa, combines many different methods of electronic payments. Al..

Vinyl stickers for Your interior!   27 Sep, 2013

Vinyl stickers for walls, furniture and any other smooth surfaces. We are pleased to present the catalogue of new products - vinyl stickers ..

Delivery in CIS countries, changes!   27 Sep, 2013

The delivery price for CIS countries (not Ukraine) in the payment now is 200 UAH (25$) 5% postage fee for cash on delivery! But if you pre-p..

Jewelry and accessories   30 Aug, 2013

In connection with the expansion of the assortment of jewelry and various accessories, hats, scarves... it was decided the creation of a new..

We invite to the exhibition adult!   09 Aug, 2013

INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION LOVE FANTASY (15-17 November 2013) the Development of culture of any nation is impossible without the development o..

The connection of the payment system Interkassa   07 Aug, 2013

With the connection of the payment system Interkassa there was a possibility of payment in the following ways: Sberbank and other Russian ba..

SHARE! From IXI.UA and Dewater   27 Jun, 2013

The joint action of the tourist company of DECATUR and an online store IXI.UA. Each client of the online store gift certificate denomination..

The mode of operation for the may holidays!   28 Apr, 2013

Dear customers, we inform You the timetable for the weekend: 1 may, 2 may, 5 may, 6 may, 9 may. All other days normal operating hours...

Valentines day very soon!   05 Feb, 2013

Valentines day, or Valentines Day - a holiday that February 14 is celebrated by many people around the world. Usually give your loved and de..

Fixed bug in receiving payments   27 Jan, 2013

Today again the system credit card payment on our website. About a week the system was not working, we apologize for the inconvenience...

In the new year with a new design!   07 Jan, 2013

Hello dear, we congratulate You on New Year and Christmas. Wish You more positive emotions and success in the new year! The new year 2013 we..

Schedule for new year holidays   21 Dec, 2012

Weekend: 30, 31, 1, 2, 3, 6, 7. All the other days work. Congratulations to all a happy new year and good luck in the new year...

Postal order for UK residents   02 Dec, 2012

New payment method for residents of Russia and other CIS countries - postal wire transfer. Since we send the goods cash on delivery only in ..

Platinum card from New Mail   23 Nov, 2012

Today our store was awarded the New Mail platinum card corporate client. The map of Platinum is the most honorable, it have just dozens of U..

Shoes - we have a new section of the catalog!   12 Oct, 2012

We inform You about the opening of a new section in the catalog. Now You have access to a wide range of womens shoes. The planned addition o..

SALE! Opened a new section   12 Jun, 2012

In this section you can find goods at significantly reduced prices. All the goods are brand new, the reason for the decline in prices - rema..

The cost of delivery for Mail and Autolux   24 Apr, 2012

In connection with increase of tariffs in the transport companies, we were forced to raise the cost of delivery through the transport compan..

The minimum order is only 90 UAH!   28 Mar, 2012

We have taken the decision to reduce the minimum order amount on our website from 150 UAH to 90 UAH. We received many request from our new c..

Free delivery on Ukraine!   16 Sep, 2011

Our company decided to do free shipping throughout Ukraine any way is if the order amount is more than 300 UAH. All costs for packaging, del..

The system of bonuses for clients!   01 Aug, 2011

For registered customers we have introduced a bonus system under which all paid orders to the customer bonuses which can be exchanged for va..

Blitz transfer through Sberbank of Russia   05 Jul, 2011

Good news for our customers - residents of the Russian Federation. We began to take Bitperiod through Sberbank of Russia, the Commission mak..

What to give on February 14 and March 8?   27 Jan, 2011

Very soon such great holidays as Valentines Day on 14 February and international womens day on 8 March, what to give how to please and give ..

Working hours during holidays   30 Dec, 2009

Dear customers, during new year and Christmas holidays our shop is closed on these days: 31.12-3.01..

Happy New Year!   28 Dec, 2009

Congratulations to all of our customers a happy New Year and merry Christmas! I wish You prosperity, health, success and a pleasant shopping..

Bedding in the new section the goods for the house   29 Nov, 2009

Today we were able to pick up a diverse palette of colors and patterns sets linen, which opens up infinite possibilities for experimentation..

BDSM-attributes, new additions   27 Nov, 2009

Novelties in the section of BDSM paraphernalia, today added leather panties for bdsm games, as well as, added section sipalki and stacks 3 p..

Adult games, Board games and forfeits   23 Nov, 2009

Our employees continuously follow the latest developments in industry of intimate apparel, and has already for You today in the section Forf..

The opening event Agency EVENT IXI   13 Nov, 2009

Today kicked off the launch of a new booking Agency IXI EVENT - pleasant eventС‹, the mission of which is aimed at development of Ukrainian ..

Directory of shops, products and services ShOPS.ixi.ua   03 Oct, 2009

We inform You about the launch of our new project Directory, online stores shops.ixi.ua. This site will help consumers easily find stores, p..

We learn   20 Sep, 2009

We are not standing still and continue to find new ways to tell You about new products, promotion and discounts from our online store IXI.UA..

Smoking products on IXI.UA   08 Sep, 2009

Today I decided to focus the true smokers of cigarettes, pipes, and cigars and their friends in the section ..




Сабина :

Light green light long dress to the floor without straps
1285 UAH
в наличии
Set of multicolored earrings
45 UAH
в наличии
Silver earrings with purple stones
250 UAH
в наличии
Sexy Milk Chocolate Short Evening Dress
1815 UAH
в наличии
Surround the whole necklace
270 UAH
в наличии
Compact earrings - ladybug
75 UAH
в наличии
Steel earring clip with flowers
75 UAH
в наличии
Trendy cross bracelet
45 UAH
в наличии
SALE! Swimsuit with headband polka dot
685 UAH
в наличии
SALE! Leggings with the flag of Britain.
540 UAH
в наличии
Playful Weighted Nipple Clamps
1145 UAH
в наличии
Pink butt plug with suction cup Hi Rubber
825 UAH
в наличии
2350 UAH
в наличии
1925 UAH
в наличии
1155 UAH
в наличии
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