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JouJou Massage Oil - Citrus (120 ml)
36 USD
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CBL Cobeco Powder Lubricant (225 g)
54 USD
под заказ
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Оксана: if I order the medium size posters for Ukr. mail cash on delivery, how they will be sent so that it does not paolisa???
→ Hello Oksana. All posters are sent in rigid, resistant to deformation of the cartridge cases. You dont have to worry about their integrity.

божевільний: I have a question: stockings of vanilla stretch? Where length stockings (mid thigh or upper thigh) and some panties in the kit?
→ Vinyl material is stretched by 5-10% Thong panties.

Олег: All quickly and accurately. Well done. Will be a repeat customer...

Алекс: I received in the mail an order on November 30, January 5 received a notice of refund for your item,because apparently that was uncalled for strange citeasca it turns out.......what?
→ Hello, this is so great our email, we will write the application for compensation, thank you for the post.

Паша: not profitable to order novoapostol still need to pay for something that would be new money for the goods sent.why is it so???
→ Cash on delivery (Navapache, postal service or any other transport company) is always a high fee for money transfer. Purchasing prepaid exempt from the fee for cash on delivery.

SALE! Polish set polka dot
34 USD
в наличии
SALE! Lace panties ML
20 USD
в наличии
Rough green dress one shoulder
104 USD
в наличии
SALE! Swimsuit yellow
32 USD
в наличии
SALE! Skimpy dress without straps
32 USD
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SALE! Boxers 159
18 USD
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Ceapchi pendant - Love
в наличии
Stud earrings geometric
в наличии
SALE! Vinyl decal - birds in the jungle
12 USD
в наличии
Black chiffon dress one shoulder
78 USD
в наличии
164 USD
в наличии
92 USD
в наличии
59 USD
в наличии
147 USD
в наличии
90 USD
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