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Руслан: overstiya diameter and length of the body?
→ Inner length 8 cm, diameter 3-4 cm

Саша : I beg you if possible to list the bonuses with my order 69068 on the login karapyzik!
→ Bonuses are credited automatically within a couple of days after receipt of payment for the order.

Айра-П: Tell the goods by mail, delivered in an opaque package? Want to order but worried about privacy.
→ Hello, all the goods are Packed in a cardboard box, open it, You will need to after its delivery.

Олег: Its good stuff!!! Very happy!!!

Юрій: Thank you.. all of high quality and excellent.. the product came so.. as requested.. only the card account..I asked..dont send.. but nothing.. thank you..
→ This discount card You can just dispose of.

SALE! Vibrator Shocking Series
41 USD
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SALE! New stylish robe bust is embellished with large rhinestones
36 USD
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SALE! Jumpsuit 176
28 USD
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Earrings with stones
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Necklace with beads and stone
10 USD
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SALE! Pantyhose Angel
20 USD
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Dress with silver brooch
80 USD
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SALE! Fusion black leotard with thin long straps
63 USD
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SALE! Pantyhose Rajstopy
24 USD
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SALE! Panties 117
35 USD
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59 USD
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92 USD
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147 USD
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83 USD
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59 USD
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