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Наталі: Want to buy this vacuum massager for Breasts.I already had this, but gave her friend, now Im without it: -((((

Маряна: Good afternoon. Interested in dress 43277 - 54 size. The fabric is thick or thin?
→ answered

hdd2: the color of the crystal, if you make a reservation
→ Hello, Your choice of color crystal, You can specify in note when ordering.

Віталій: Order No. 99593 paid 11.56 13.06.2017 from Pilipenko

Маріанна: what is penetration depth?
→ Up to 15 cm.

Array: Deliver Autolux?
→ Yes, of course. The information listed above.

Diazify: A deal to them...
→ When placing the order for UAH 450. You get a 10% discount on subsequent orders.

Денис: I like this extender

Костя: Are unable to reach You. Want to know the fate of my order, No. 42070. Please call. 0956832452
→ Your order is awaiting delivery.

Алекс: I received in the mail an order on November 30, January 5 received a notice of refund for your item,because apparently that was uncalled for strange citeasca it turns out.......what?
→ Hello, this is so great our email, we will write the application for compensation, thank you for the post.

Олег: Hello! My order No. 40146. I was told to wait 2 weeks, its been three. Let me remind you just in case that I would like to get it via Ukrposhta cod. Thank you. Waiting for an order.
→ Hello, Your item arrives to us in short supply. Expect our call.

vrivnt: Hello! No. 37539.Whats wrong with him?
→ Order shipped on time, should be already at Your post office.

Лена: the bottom zipper ?
→ lightning this product is from the navel to the coccyx

Лена: Hello,I have a 38 size dress art.IXI11973 (S/M)may be suitable for my size?
→ S/M - suitable for European sizes 36-38.

Каріна: Please tell me when it will be, I really want this dress!!!))
→ Within 2 weeks from date of order.

Віталій: specify the amps, and stuff! and that photo is not of high quality and it is difficult to judge!
→ Vinyl material is rubberized fabric.


Андрій: Hello, in the name of the product says that there is a traffic jam. and how it looks you can clarify?
→ Package contents as photo, without tube

Сергій: Please answer do You have strap-ons from cybercore for men. If Yes, please give parameters and price.
→ Unfortunately the male Stepanov of cybercore has not yet been reported.

Олег: Administrators www.ixi.kiev.ua recommend to move to the modern system of ONLINE payment with a plastic card or on R/C. shipping transport companies.__Archaic post office (shipping 4-7 days) almost nobody uses. Therefore for 2 reasons cant make an order in your store.
→ Thank you for your attention to our service, automation of payment through plastic cards already in the process of connecting and working with other companies we have long had in mind, I think very soon we will become even more convenient for our customers.

anon188: Ive done that enough purchases. but I created a profile just now. how do I get all the bonuses for those purchases? where to write a discount card? login anon188
→ Hello ! Your purchase is added to the profile, expect a bonus.

Ігор: Which the inner diameter?
→ 35mm

Вадим: to orders No. 64443 and No. 63909 bonuses why it is not accrued
→ These orders to Your second account login 38050648****

Ірина: Got my goods fast! Quality of service and product very happy! Recommend!

Сергій: You really increase the member and how much?

75 USD
в наличии
Earring in vintage style
в наличии
SALE! Vinyl decal - Vases and flowers
12 USD
в наличии
SALE! Vinyl decal - Physiognomy mouth shut
12 USD
в наличии
Elegant white dress with shimmering rhinestones
89 USD
в наличии
Earrings - Fish
в наличии
SALE! Safety glass for IPad 2
в наличии
Ring revolver
в наличии
Colorful set of jewelry
18 USD
в наличии
Evening black mini dress strapless
80 USD
в наличии
293 USD
в наличии
92 USD
в наличии
97 USD
в наличии
164 USD
в наличии
59 USD
в наличии
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