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Олена Ташлику: Hello. Today I received a long robe article ixi12591. He was small! Can I exchange or return? The thing wore. Only fitting. Thank you
→ Unfortunately underwear and lingerie refundable and not exchangeable.

Андрій : Drop the garbage, even the glasses you drink, do not advise anyone!
→ Different drugs have a different composition and for different organisms are different. For this You need to try to drop another group.

Єва: What is the total length of the dress ? Is it possible to order a size L?
→ To place an order as soon as You send an SMS message.

Христина: Enroll, please bonuses with order No. 69385 on the login kristinass27. And thank you for the prompt delivery and good service!
→ Bonuses are credited !

Володимир: I use the Andro Penis. Can say, speed up the cream from Mega Penis lengthening of the penis and in how much time?
→ Experts recommend together with extenders to use such a cream. Read more on http://www.andro-penis.in.ua.

Октоберфест 10/09-4/10
SALE! Case for IPhONE X / XS IPhONE (IPhone x, iPhone ten) red
14 USD
в наличии
Silver butterfly earrings
28 USD
в наличии
An elegant necklace in the shape of a key
в наличии
20 USD
в наличии
SALE! Cute orange polka dot swimsuit
36 USD
в наличии
Necklace with stones made in European style
16 USD
в наличии
SALE! Colorful swimsuit
32 USD
в наличии
Charming dress with ruched bodice
89 USD
в наличии
Silver earrings with purple stone
в наличии
SALE! Leopard print swimsuit
35 USD
в наличии
24 USD
в наличии
94 USD
в наличии
88 USD
в наличии
147 USD
в наличии
109 USD
в наличии
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