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Лео: somewhere saw such men. there is a sale?

Олена: Do you have decoration REN200508? Courier delivery in Kyiv is open on Saturdays?
→ Unfortunately they are not in stock, Saturday delivery is available upon request on Friday and the fare is slightly higher - 30 UAH.

Андрій: Hello, tell, its a mens belt? And thats not the thing that makes him male. It is in the kit?
→ This belt is a feminine, fixed description.

Олена: This dress is not made of vinyl and spandex. I continue to ask employees of the store to take more responsibility for the description of the goods, if you cant distinguish between vinyl and spandex to find someone who can. I bought this dress and declare that the material is not vinyl. Although previously purchased goods correspond to the declared description. If you do not want to lose customers asking very clearly relate to this issue.
→ Spandex - polyurethane fiber and not the fabric ! with high elongation, trade name spandex, lycra and so on. The kind of vinyl about 5 species. Specify upon order any vinyl you need or upon the acquisition and does not meet Your subspecies vinyl.

Юрій: Cant find in Ukraine, the lubricant J-Lube or Crisco. In Ukraine, not only Im looking for this lubricant. Russia has long been the men have done the business. And as always we have.
→ Hello, actually in Ukraine yet in the sale of these lubricants, but we hope that soon will appear.

SALE! Sunglasses Ray-Ben
20 USD
в наличии
SALE! Baci Lingerie red panties
16 USD
в наличии
Black mini dress with flower at waist
57 USD
в наличии
SALE! Vinyl sticker - Rabbit dreamer - I have a dream
18 USD
в наличии
Fashion pendant
в наличии
SALE! Sexy Seth
30 USD
в наличии
39 USD
в наличии
Evening dress - Mustard
80 USD
в наличии
SALE! The costume sexy snow Maiden with fuzz
33 USD
в наличии
SALE! Black open Thong with lace and a pendant in the shape of a heart Dolce Vita
18 USD
в наличии
56 USD
в наличии
117 USD
в наличии
81 USD
в наличии
24 USD
в наличии
CoolMann Cum Enhancer (30 capsules)
65 USD
в наличии
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