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Андрій: Tell me what is the difference drops Love-drops from the Drop-sex?(except prices of course) and which ones are faster?
→ In principle, anything a little different in different organisms they function better or worse.

Анонімний: I cant pay in PrivatBank and any other Bank?
→ Yes, You can pay at any Bank.

Ірина: Good evening. received the dress you have ordered as I can to return it. Never worn. The small size (although at your size chart I just. had to enter into it). Received new mail. Cash back sent.
→ Hello, carnival costumes and dresses after the respective holidays, returns and exchanges are not subject.

Максим: Please enroll bonuses on the login demi-lune-max for orders
→ Bonuses credited

Юрій: Thank you.. all of high quality and excellent.. the product came so.. as requested.. only the card account..I asked..dont send.. but nothing.. thank you..
→ This discount card You can just dispose of.

Подарки на 14 февраля!
SALE! Christmas dress
53 USD
в наличии
Rope costume - Рµ005
36 USD
в наличии
Earring in retro style
в наличии
SALE! Vinyl sticker Tree and bird
12 USD
в наличии
Multi-colored earrings
10 USD
в наличии
Stylish silver necklace
18 USD
в наличии
SALE! Jacquard tights
22 USD
в наличии
SALE! Vinyl sticker - Rabbit dreamer - I have a dream
18 USD
в наличии
Triangular earrings with rhinestones
16 USD
в наличии
SALE! Vinyl sticker - photo Frames
12 USD
в наличии
Dual layered Platinum Silicone Tongue Dildo
121 USD
в наличии
24 USD
в наличии
75 USD
в наличии
Lumino Play Double Dildo
54 USD
в наличии
20 USD
в наличии
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