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Цвет: белый красный черный Размер: one size (S/M) Материал: полиэстер Вес: 0.15 кг

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30 USD
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30 USD
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30 USD
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Shorts is very comfortable and versatile part of womens wardrobe. Shorts can be worn as an item of sportswear, beachwear, leisure wear, also can be a part of the uniform and also part of the national costume. The shorts are short, above the knee pants or trousers. Our online shop offers a huge selection of womens shorts. They are made of high quality soft fabric, durable denim, vinyl and leather. Shorts are complemented by various eyelet lacing, pockets, buckles, rivets, rhinestones, straps, fading, and beautiful prints. Also we present the shorts of different styles: Bermuda, boxer, trousers-shorts, denim shorts, plaid shorts, leather shorts, mini-shorts, NiCrSi, cutoff shorts, and skorts. Pick up the shorts to your liking and make an order! Купить в магазине Shorts, Мини шорты, Шортики по поисковым запросам: .


Микола: Use the services of more than a year-all perfectly.

Анна: What is the length from the base to the longest chain?
→ The length of the longest chain 35 cm

Олег: Here I bought a week ago. Shipping and payment all on the level, at first it was dumb to send, but everythings fine. Thank you! And as a review course this is nice stuff, bought without a meter, but I think I will buy separately because of sport!

Але Я Тарас: All received, thank you, quickly and without cheating.

Анонімний: Interesting, now theres an incentive to make orders

Таблица размеров женская
  one size S/M M/L XS
Грудь 80-98 80-92 85-101 77-80
Талия 61-78 61-74 69-79 57-61
Бедра 89-100 89-100 95-104 83-89
  S М L XL
Грудь 80-85 85-92 92-101 101-108
Талия 61-68 68-74 74-79 79-86
Бедра 89-95 95-100 100-104 104-112
Грудь 108-112 112-117 117-122 122-130
Талия 87-94 94-102 102-110 110-120
Бедра 112-119 119-127 127-135 135-150

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