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Corrective / SALE! Linen for adjusting the shape of the buttocks

SALE! Linen for adjusting the shape of the buttocks. Артикул: IXI54241

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Артикул: IXI54241
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Цвет: черный
Black lingerie for adjusting the shape of the buttocks. It naturally will raise the buttocks and bigger. Thanks to high-quality thin fabric this underwear is invisible under clothes.

SALE! Linen for adjusting the shape of the buttocks. Артикул: IXI54241

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SALE! Linen for adjusting the shape of the buttocks
30 USD
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Shapewear will help to make your figure perfect. If you need to suddenly attend a party in an old dress you dont want seen or abdomen, to remove a few pounds instantly by using corrective underwear. Wearing lingerie for correction of the abdomen and sides, you will be surprised the result. Belly instantly addicted and becomes flat, and the figure will become perfectly smooth curves and shapes. in the same way you can adjust and buttocks. special underwear is committed to ensuring that your buttocks is perfectly round and toned. Now you can make your figure perfect. Shapewear is also used in sporting activities in the sports hall. Due to its shape - which involves, increases the effect of exercise giving the perfect shapes of the body part you want to fix. Купить в магазине по поисковым запросам: утягивающее корректирующее белье, корректирующее белье для живота, корректирующее белье для талии, сильное корректирующее белье, сильно утягивающее корректирующее белье, корректирующее белье сильная степень, корректирующее белье сильной коррекции.


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Ninv: do you have shipping in Georgia
→ Free mail delivery to all countries of Europe and CIS.

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→ Hello, ex not if the goods under an order in 2-3 weeks. If the item is in stock, delivery on day of order.

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