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Цвет: серебро цветной Материал: сплав Размер: one size (S/M) Вес: 0.05 кг

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Piercing is one of the ways to Express yourself from the grey masses. Colorful earrings for piercings can decorate your face with its uniqueness. Fans to decorate their body with piercings, this section will seem a real boon. All that is needed to meet even the most unusual tastes of the consumer is here. Beautiful multi-colored stones will playfully look at your nose and draw mens attention to your person. And for men there is an unusual decoration in the form of small weights, which will give your eyebrows masculinity. Piercing is a way to Express yourself from the crowd and personalize their personality. With colorful decorations and multi-colored shapes, you can make in your style unusual appearance of your face. That is up to you to choose, the main thing is not to overdo it with decorations. Купить в магазине Piercing, Штанги, пусеты, Пирсинг по поисковым запросам: серьга для пирсинга, штанга в бровь, украшения для пирсинга, пусеты в уши, infyuf d ,hjdm, cthmuf lkz gbhcbyuf, gectnf.


Олег: Now just a lot of Chinese fakes of these markers. Whether the marker is a hologram from the manufacturer?
→ Is.

Анна: When can we expect availability?
→ goods are delivered under the order !

Лілі: Oceni poleznie soveti, horosho esli vse budut eto citati. Sposibo vam bolshoe!

Сергій: Hello! Please charge me a bonus for ordering No. 77485 (4046 bonuses) on this account (at the time of purchase account was not registered, an order was issued to this mailbox)
→ Hello, at the moment, the bonus system at the stage of adaptation, once the bonuses will be credited we will notify You.

Юля: Hello! Cash on delivery I cancel I will not, because the new email does not accept money transfers without payment, and in such cases I have no money-back guarantee.I paid for the order in cash and refunds prefer to receive cash.According to the law on protection of consumer rights I have the right : to terminate the contract within 14 days if I have not approached the goods, and also refund the money paid for the goods in full value. Strongly beg you to resolve this situation legally and not bring it to conflict.Thank you.
→ Our courier will not be able to pick up a parcel with cash on delivery and competent to check the contents of parcels. The money we will be able to return only transfer to credit card.

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