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Danilo: Shipping to Russia(Belgorod)you only mail?
→ Hello, Yes only mail shipping free.

Алекс: Than you can handle toys for sex (especially anal beads) before using them. Immediately after the purchase.
→ We recommend to wash the product with water and intimate gel or soap.

Lilinka: I cant get through((( Yesterday miraculously got through on the mobile, he said that the base does not work... the Shop is open or not?!
→ Hello, we have no problems with communication there, 90% of calls successfully processed.

Віка: Skazite as soon as the cakes on zakaz sdelat kuklu - muzchinu v company Abyss Creation and what is the cost ?
→ Hello, all prices on the website current, please make the order through the shopping cart. Thank you.

Олена: Thanks for the product! As a review I send You my picture in the catsuit)
→ Thank you very much, added to the website.

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Earrings - Blue rose
10 USD
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SALE! Vinyl sticker Tree and bird
12 USD
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Silver chain
28 USD
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Elegant dress with bow white
90 USD
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Silver chain 45 cm
22 USD
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SALE! Swimsuit with headband polka dot
35 USD
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Delicate womens watch with flowers
14 USD
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SALE! Music vibrator for women
108 USD
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40 USD
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60 USD
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45 USD
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51 USD
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MALE Cobeco Powder Lubricant (225 g)
41 USD
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