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Галина: Hello, I want to enjoy you evening dress SKU: IXI13149 have in stock? what size of the dress and length?
→ Hello, at the moment, size: One Size (S/M).

Юрій: Please tell me what is indicated on the parcel in the name of the product, when ordering, payment on delivery.
→ When sending parcels to Ukraine, UkrPoshta does not require the inventory of the Luggage, according to the contents of the package, the postal workers dont know.

Микола: Use the services of more than a year-all perfectly.

Анонімний: And what is the cost of delivery in Simferopol.?
→ Postal delivery 15-25 UAH.

Юля: thanks...got everything...to take in the mail and paid....__everything fits!!!

SALE! Vinyl decal - Flowers
12 USD
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Set of earrings and rings Pyramid
10 USD
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SALE! Christmas costume seksualny
47 USD
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SALE! Vinyl sticker Green mushrooms
12 USD
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SALE! Long vinyl gloves gold
26 USD
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Earrings with petals
в наличии
SALE! Swimsuit with unusual shape stamp
30 USD
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Leopard dress with rose waist blue
80 USD
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SALE! Chastity belt CB-6000 Wood
57 USD
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SALE! Sheer babydoll with open back
29 USD
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78 USD
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Pearl, Women, Eau de Parfum (14ml)
45 USD
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51 USD
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74 USD
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2610 USD
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