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Андрій : Drop the garbage, even the glasses you drink, do not advise anyone!
→ Different drugs have a different composition and for different organisms are different. For this You need to try to drop another group.

Анонімний: On some of my orders its been a month and some have two. Tell me, when they can count?
→ Next week is another big supply of underwear and clothes.

Ірина: Why to remove? Cant do my normal job..
→ Hello Irina, not one opinion of our visitors has not yet been removed.

Андрій: Tell me, what conditions, shelf life, warranty? (if any). Thank you.
→ About the warranty keep silence, and on account of the exploitation that they break down very rarely.

Роман: Payment system

Октоберфест 10/09-4/10
SALE! Red mask vinyl
24 USD
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Set of necklace and earrings multi-colored
10 USD
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Dress long pink bow
57 USD
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SALE! Boxers 305
16 USD
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Earring cuff silver color
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SALE! Jumpsuit 169
28 USD
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Dress with brooch and cross straps evening
83 USD
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SALE! Dress with brooch on the straps
44 USD
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SALE! Bondage for hands
45 USD
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SALE! Evening dress with unique print
80 USD
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75 USD
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102 USD
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99 USD
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94 USD
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152 USD
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