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Спартак: Tell me, doll vagina round or not?
→ What do you mean?

Лада: what sizes do they ( the working part and near the crystal) ?
→ Width at thickest part 2.5 cm.

Руслан: And a separate sleeve for hands in there? Or is this whole matter with straps at the top and all?
→ This whole matter with straps.

Галина: Hello, I want to enjoy you evening dress SKU: IXI13149 have in stock? what size of the dress and length?
→ Hello, at the moment, size: One Size (S/M).

Іван: Unfortunately in Your store (and other) a very small selection of belts of fidelity, and for men they do not. You could order this type of product for a specific person (if the party has not demanded)?
→ Sorry if this product would be, we would sell it.

SALE! Necklace
20 USD
в наличии
SALE! Vinyl sticker - Floral heart
12 USD
в наличии
26 USD
в наличии
SALE! This part is for ProExtender (Andropenis) - the Main axis with a spring 5 cm, 2 PCs
16 USD
в наличии
SALE! Stylish dress in black
29 USD
в наличии
Earrings with geometric rivets
10 USD
в наличии
Stylish silver necklace
18 USD
в наличии
SALE! Dance dress
34 USD
в наличии
SALE! Blue silk robe with belt
29 USD
в наличии
Dress one shoulder with original brooch
89 USD
в наличии
98 USD
в наличии
в наличии
102 USD
в наличии
77 USD
в наличии
104 USD
в наличии
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