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Іриша: Hello,I ordered the product,but a few days later,I received a letter that I was not able to contact to confirm the order,and I had either to call or to answer an email,I replied, but still wanted to clarify my order No. 16509 adopted and I should just order it???
→ Hello, Your order is confirmed, the expected arrival of the goods in the coming days, the parcel will be sent.

Богдан: Order No. 116091 paid via PayPal

Коста: Guys, respect to You!!! Very quickly arranged for delivery to Odessa, closely approached the problem, misjudged the size of the sandals for a friend, recommend what to replace and kratchaishie time sent! Thank you!
→ Thank you.

Інна: there is a photo in the real world?
→ Only one photo.

kAThRINA: How to make payment to PrivatBank card NUMBER?
→ In case of payment to PrivatBank card no need to specify the order number as payment identification occurs by the transfer amount.

Октоберфест 10/09-4/10
Lace black and white dress with wedges skirt
77 USD
в наличии
SALE! Warm knitted gloves
10 USD
в наличии
Fashion earring - Film
в наличии
SALE! Sexy swimwears swimsuit
28 USD
в наличии
Two-tone bracelet with metal clasp, black / orange
в наличии
Woven necklace
12 USD
в наличии
Set of necklace and earrings multi-colored
10 USD
в наличии
Colorful set of jewelry
18 USD
в наличии
Necklace with oversized flowers
20 USD
в наличии
SALE! Sexy lingerie
23 USD
в наличии
Massage cream for breast Female Booster, 125ml
26 USD
в наличии
Eau de toilette with pheromones for men Smak Homme, 50ml
32 USD
в наличии
Drywell Ball Vibrator White
80 USD
в наличии
32 USD
в наличии
68 USD
в наличии
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