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Юля: Hello!15.03.2013 received my order No. 56611,size S, fully rossolovsky corset did not agree on 7 on my settings 90/70/90/. Asking to break the contract and return the money because the exchange I see is not relevant,your table does not match the actual size and I can not for the provided data to determine your size.
→ Hello, in our dimension table You need M size http://www.ixi.ua/publications.php?id=21

Віталій: How many capsules in a Bank? What is the term enough?
→ Dosage: 2 capsules per day, in a jar of 60 capsules. Enough for 1 month of the application.

Олена: Hello,is it possible to this sex machine machine gun article ІХІ13496купить extra nozzles?
→ Hello ! In the nearest 2-3 weeks it is possible to supply this kind of goods.

Вадим: it is there a zipper and how it goes .
→ Zipper from chest to neck and back.

Алекс: Order No. 56003 received 04.03.2013.Paid on the spot.Thank you very much. Now waiting for order No. 56213.Why not send the Declaration?I would like to get the goods tomorrow.
→ Hello, the distribution of returns occurs on the morning of the next day after dispatch.

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Outdoor shimmering bracelet with a Scorpion
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SALE! Corset Blue Flowers
44 USD
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SALE! Summer colorful dress
36 USD
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A stunning Golden bangle with beads (brown)
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Long evening dress with peacock print and blue belt
89 USD
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SALE! Vagina with a vibrator
53 USD
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Exotic necklace
14 USD
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Charming earrings with stones
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SALE! Super-mini dress
29 USD
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Rope costume - Рµ089
30 USD
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87 USD
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90 USD
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Alluring Fancier Realistic Big Head Dildo
69 USD
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Lumino Play Penis Ring
24 USD
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Vaginal lubricant Lubrix, 100 ml
20 USD
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