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Wavy bracelet on the wrist
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Category Bracelets combines the right accessories for beautiful women. High-quality bracelets in our shop please the buyer for its rich choice. Different themes and style bracelets will help you choose each bracelet under a certain image. Beautiful and glamorous , decorated with bright stones will make you a bright person. Exquisite bracelets are perfectly combined with evening dresses. No doubt there are bracelets not only for secular outputs. but for everyday use as a talisman. There are also bracelets which can be used not only on the wrist and a sweet and graceful legs, making her sexier and more interesting. The variety of forms gives a choice for different tastes and focusing not only on appearance and on price. The variety of the assortment make you long to choose. Купить в магазине Bracelets, Наручные украшения, Браслетики по поисковым запросам: браслет пандора, браслеты из резинок, женские браслеты, серебряные браслеты, кожаные браслеты.


Іван: Tried with my wife, she loved it.

Merlin: The service is good... and couriers are very cute! Thank you!

Наталія: Why by order No. 42964 status is Delivered, if it was paid for 11.02.?
→ The order is given the status paid after receipt of money order to our account, in the case of cod it takes up to 5 working days.

Алекс: this stretch vinyl or just vinyl? There are two Blanka?
→ Vinyl, but has little ability to stretch. Runner 2.

Денис: I like this extender

Подарки на 14 февраля!
Hair barrette fuchsia
30 USD
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SALE! Fusion black leotard with thin long straps
63 USD
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65 USD
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41 USD
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SALE! Summer dress with bright print
32 USD
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Set of earrings and rings Pyramid
10 USD
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SALE! Black 3D Leggings
29 USD
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SALE! Red mask vinyl
24 USD
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SALE! The red riding hood costume
77 USD
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127 USD
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59 USD
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88 USD
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136 USD
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97 USD
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